Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy at Balston Agius is to create exciting, innovative and beautiful environments wherever we work. Our skill is to turn a well thought through concept into a finely constructed and planted reality that celebrates a sense of place and satisfies the aspirations of the Client.

Our guiding principle is to achieve synergy between architecture, horticulture and management through original and inspirational designs. At the same time, we are wholly realistic about limitations presented by the site, its location, history, planning and the budget. Design is based on a detailed understanding and analysis of the physical and emotional characteristics of every site where we work and an open and clear communication with Client, Design Team, Specialists, Contractors and Managers.

We seek sustainable solutions to problems and always promote the ecological diversity and richness of our sites. While well-practised in the use of local and traditional materials and native planting, we enjoy the challenges of more modern materials and planting methods. Furthermore, with many years’ experience in planning and conservation we are always prepared to question assumptions and work with Consultants and Authorities to achieve the best solutions for available.

We firmly believe that a close relationship and constructive dialogue with our Clients is of paramount importance to achieve world class results.