The Practice

Balston Agius is a British landscape and garden design practice based in Wiltshire and London, operating on both a national and international basis. Our experience, built over a period of more than 30 years, lies in the fields of landscape and garden design, landscape planning, architecture, horticulture and management. Although the heart of our business is in the creative design of landscapes, gardens and their buildings, and their realisation, the company also carries out other related tasks such as urban planning, estate planning, costing reviews where required, as well as Public Inquiries.

At Balston Agius we design with passion. We create exciting, innovative and beautiful environments throughout the UK and internationally. We listen to Clients and collaborators and, working creatively, build on their intentions. We develop an in-depth understanding of each site. Our skill is to turn a well thought through concept into a finely constructed and planted reality.

Our guiding principle is to achieve synergy between architecture, horticulture and management through original and inspirational designs. At the same time, we are thoroughly realistic about limitations presented by the site – the location, history, planning or budget. We firmly believe that a close relationship and constructive dialogue with our Clients at all times throughout a job is of paramount importance in achieving outstanding results.

The Balston Agius team

With the main office based in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, Marie-Louise and Michael are supported by a close knit team with a diverse range of skills. The team currently numbers seven full time experienced and flexible staff. We are therefore able to ensure that each job receives close personal attention and a bespoke service, both at the design stage, and during its execution and later management. Each individual brings a wealth of experience in their own particular field – and includes designers, architects and CAD technicians. Being a long established, yet small, team it means that we all have a level of involvement in each and every project, working together to deliver the highest standards of service. We pride ourselves on good communication – both internally and externally – which is fundamental in the development of long lasting relationships with our Clients. That said, our size does not preclude us from undertaking large scale projects with the same care and attention, tapping into our well developed network of consultants and assistants both at home and abroad, and drawing on additional external expertise as and when required. This is demonstrated by some of the work showcased in our portfolio.